Dining suggestions

There are a large number of possibilities to have dinner in Udine city center, to meet all tastes. Here are some ideas.

Typical Friulian food

In these and other places you can taste some Frico, Salam cu l’aset, Gubana, and other typical dishes.

Be sure to also ask “Porcina with Kren” when doing your aperitivo with an Aperol Spritz in many bars of the center.


Some suggestions for pizzerias around the center:

Burgers & co.

If you miss some international food, Italian style:

Ice cream and desserts

For a sweat moment while talking about logic:

  • Gelateria Timballo (best ice cream in town, a bit off the center but totally worth a walk)
  • Dusci (excellent Sicilian specialties: ask especially for the “granita”)