Accepted papers

Jasper Nalbach, Valentin Promies, Erika Abraham and Paul Kobialka. FMplex: A Novel Method for Solving Linear Real Arithmetic Problems

Paul Hannibal. (Un)Decidability Bounds of the Synthesis Problem for Petri Games

Martin Fränzle, Sarah Winter and Martin Zimmermann. Strategies Resilient to Delay: Games under Delayed Control vs. Delay Games

Falke B. Ø. Carlsen, Lars Bo Park Frydenskov, Nicolaj Østerby Jensen, Jener Rasmussen, Mathias Mehl Sørensen, Asger Geel Weirsøe, Mathias Claus Jensen and Kim Guldstrand Larsen. CGAAL: Distributed On-The-Fly ATL Model Checker with Heuristics

Hans van Ditmarsch, Roman Kuznets and Rojo Randrianomentsoa. On Two- and Three-valued Semantics for Impure Simplicial Complexes

Thomas Webster. The Recursive Arrival Problem

Manolis Pitsikalis, Alexei Lisitsa and Patrick Totzke. Handling of Past and Future with Phenesthe+

Emanuel Kieronski. A uniform one-dimensional fragment with alternation of quantifiers

Daniele Dell’Erba, Arthur Dumas and Sven Schewe. An Objective Improvement Approach to Solving Discounted Payoff Games

Joshua Grochow and Michael Levet. On the Descriptive Complexity of Groups without Abelian Normal Subgroups

Tiago Ferreira, Léo Henry, Raquel Fernandes da Silva and Alexandra Silva. Conflict-Aware Active Automata Learning

Sebastian Forster, Antonis Skarlatos and Tijn de Vos. Fast Algorithms for Energy Games in Special Cases

Marco Bernardo and Andrea Esposito. Modal Logic Characterizations of Forward, Reverse, and Forward-Reverse Bisimilarities

Julie Parreaux, Jakob Piribauer and Christel Baier. Counterfactual Causality for Reachability and Safety based on Distance Functions

Stephan Spengler and Sanchari Sil. TSO Games: On the decidability of safety games under the total store order semantics